Katherine Kirk


Independent Agile/Lean Consultant and International Conference Speaker

Katherine Kirk is a solidly experienced independent Agile/Lean Consultant and international conference speaker. Her primary area of expertise lies in co-discovery and insight facilitation through exploring and combining eastern and tribal philosophy to find practical answers to tough, on-the-ground issues, specifically involving contextually driven edge-cases and the cultural interaction between hierarchical management and Agile/Lean teams.

After gaining a first class BSc (Hons) in computing she completed post graduate studies in software engineering at University of Oxford and currently enjoys being an active participant of a community of Lean and Agile practitioners in Europe who explore and challenge the status quo through experimenting and collaborating

I’ve spoken at a number of national and international conferences on topics ranging from domain driven design, micro-services, SOA and the future of the web to agile adoption patterns and lean thinking.

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