Brian LeRoux


Tech Lead of PhoneGap, VP of Apache Cordova

Brian is the lead of PhoneGap, VP of Apache Cordova, hacking on Topcoat at Adobe, and partner at The Node Firm. An oldschool web hacker with a particular passion for JavaScript, mobile, and performance. Brian take very little seriously except possibly his deep passion for craft beer and all things Canada.

YOW! 2013 Sydney

Mobile Web Whirlwind Tour of PhoneGap, Cordova & Topcoat

Mobile is on the rise, and with it comes mobile web technology. The past year has seen tremendous adoption of the free/open source PhoneGap project with over 1 million downloads. Building fast and clean apps has never been easier thanks to a new CSS library from Adobe called Topcoat.

In this talk, Brian will demonstrate how to quickly build a mobile application using PhoneGap with Topcoat, how it all works under the hood, how it relates to Apache Cordova, and where the project is going in the coming year.

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