Eric Evans


Author of Domain Driven Design

Eric Evans is a thought leader in software design and domain modeling and the author of “Domain-Driven Design”.

Eric now leads Domain Language, a consulting group which coaches and trains teams applying domain-driven design, helping them to make their development work more productive and more valuable to their business.

YOW! 2013 Sydney

Focusing the Core Domain: Domain-Driven Design Case Study

This talk tells a true story with a thin disguise. (The company involved does not want some details known.) Two years ago, a team I work with developed an application that addressed a strategically important pain-point. This is the story of how we used the Strategic Design tools of DDD to decide what to do, and how we ultimately turned it into a simple problem by leveraging established formalisms to do something quite original.

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Build your Awareness of the Basic Concepts and Value of Domain-Driven Design (DDD) in One Day

In this one day Domain Driven Design workshop you will learn the basic principles and processes needed to develop the right kind of models, tie them into implementation and business analysis, and deal with some of the realities of multi-team projects. Effective software teams take a torrent of information and knowledge about their subject matter (the domain) and distill it into a stream of quality software. Finding and exploiting domain models is a key to success in projects with complex domains.