Joe Albahari


.NET developer, creator of LINQPad

Joe Albahari is the inventor of LINQPad and the author of the bestselling book on C# 5. He’s written extensively on multithreading and parallel programming, and speaks regularly at user groups and conferences such as YOW! and TechEd.

YOW! 2013 Sydney

Solving the Hard Problem of Concurrency

Concurrency is notorious for creating complexity. I argue that the blame lies not with multithreading, mutability, or even shared writable state. The problem is one of separation: an inability to isolate concurrency logic from application logic. The cause of this inability is twofold. First, we tend to overlook the distinction between concurrency concerns and time-based concerns. Consequently, we end up with too much (complex) concurrency code and not enough (simple) temporal code. Second, there’s been a historical lack of abstractive power in mainstream programming languages. To isolate structured and unstructured concurrency, we need a language that supports type amplification, futures and time travel. The good news is that a mainstream language now supports all three: C# 5.

In this session, I will explain these concepts, and demonstrate how C# 5 simplifies asynchrony and concurrency.

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A Workshop for C# Timelords

Joe Albahari, the author of LINQPad and C# 5.0 in a Nutshell, will deliver this workshop on mastering the time dimension in C# with asynchronous functions and Reactive Extensions.