Mike Dixon


Global Visual Analytics via Google Earth Engine


Over the years Mike’s limited attention span has taken him from building programming language implementations and embedded software for machine control at Xerox PARC, to a real-time collaboration platform at PlaceWare, to low-latency, large scale text analysis for Google News. His most recent distraction is a platform for exploratory analysis of petabytes of satellite imagery (earthengine.google.org).

YOW! 2013 Sydney

Google Earth Engine: Enabling Science with Novel Software

Earth Engine (http://earthengine.google.org/) is an experimental platform for environmental analysis, providing petabytes of data and an API suitable both for exploratory programming and very large scale batch processing. Our science partners are using it to detect illegal logging in the Amazon, build global maps of land use, estimate forest biomass and carbon, and map the world’s roadless areas.

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