Adrian Mouat


Chief Scientist for Container Solutions, author of “Using Docker”

Adrian Mouat is the Chief Scientist for Container Solutions, a pan-European services company who specialise in Docker and Mesos. Container Solutions focuses on the tools and how best to create environments for their successful adoption.

Adrian has recently worked developing a Docker based PaaS solution for a hosting company and has written several successful blogs on Docker. He is currently writing a book on Docker for O’Reilly publishing.

YOW! 2015 Sydney

Using Docker Safely


The security of containers has been a hotly discussed topic. This talk will explain the main concerns around container security, and offer some best practices and guidance for addressing them. The guiding philosophy is “defense in depth”; no one layer or tool should be relied upon to provide complete security.

The topics covered will include:

  • The isolation guarantees of containers
  • Using Content Trust to make sure your images haven’t been tampered with
  • How to limit the resources that containers can access
  • How to audit and monitor containers
  • Using VMs and containers together to maximise security and efficiency
  • How to safely share secrets (API keys, passwords) with containers