Indu Alagarsamy


Developer at Particular Software

Indu Alagarsamy has been programming for more than fifteen years.She is most passionate about Event Driven Architecture and Messaging. She is currently part of the development team at Particular Software, the makers of NServiceBus, practicing her passion. When not programming,she is either rock climbing in sunny southern california or learning Martial arts!

YOW! 2015 Sydney

Autonomy & Asynchrony: The Key to Designing Reliable Systems


The real world, with all its complexity, can at the same time be simple, elegant and beautiful. It thrives on autonomy and asynchrony, the two most important things that bring order to chaos. The real world does not pause for something to complete before moving on. And yet, when we write software, “Command and Control” is the norm. We find clever ways of doing this while keeping up with all the new technologies and the languages in fashion, all the while ignoring the realities of life.

In this session, explore an alternate universe in which Event Driven Architecture can power even the most complex mission-critical systems. Learn how communicating asynchronously via events leads to building systems that are autonomous and much more reliable. Embrace asynchrony and autonomy. Make the complex simple.

Sometimes the Questions are Complicated, but the Answers are Simple.


Research indicates that a more diverse group of people can solve problems better, come up with more creative solutions than a homogenous group. However, most industries are predominantly white male. Why?

The hardest possible thing is to know what you don’t know. Understand your bias. Being aware of your hidden biases can help you to look at things differently, to unlock completely different perspectives. Understand the challenges that women face in today’s industries. See how you can help to be more inclusive and create a more open and diverse culture where you work.