Mads Torgersen


C# Program Manager at Microsoft, author of “The C# Programming Language (4th ed)”

Mads is the language PM for C# at Microsoft, where he runs the C# language design process and maintains the language specification. He is also on the design team for TypeScript and Visual Basic, and he contributes to the Roslyn project, which has reinvented the C# and VB compilers and taken them open source.

YOW! 2015 Sydney

Play in C#


C# is evolving rapidly on all fronts. Runtime, libraries and IDE support show up on new platforms. The language itself has added many smaller features recently, and we are looking at much bolder steps for the next version. The “Roslyn” language engine offers real time access to syntactic and semantic information about source code and has a public API for anyone’s static analysis tools, IDE extensions and scripting environments to freely tap into. This whole gigantic playground is open source for everyone to tinker with and contribute to. Even if you don’t play in C# in your daily life, don’t be shy: put on your curly braces and come join us in a swing!