Matt Heath


Engineer at Mondo

Matt Heath specialises in back-end architecture, distributed systems and cloud infrastructure having previously worked as the Technical Lead of Hailo’s global platform. Using a number of languages including Go, and the latest distributed database and messaging technologies, Matt helps businesses develop platforms to scale their teams and technology.

YOW! 2015 Sydney

Building Microservice Architectures in Go


Moving to a microservice architecture and embracing a cloud native approach is a complex challenge, which often requires re-evaluating our approach to technology. Having previously helped transition Hailo to a new microservice platform, built almost entirely in Go, Matt leverages modern technologies and a microservice based approach to build reliable platforms which can scale to millions of users. This talk will cover how to develop and migrate to a microservice based architecture using Go, common pitfalls to avoid, and lessons learnt when developing high volume, low latency, distributed applications.