Reid Draper


Senior Software Engineer at Helium, author of test.check, contributor to “The Bad Data Handbook”

Reid Draper is a functional programmer and distributed systems engineer at Helium, where he leads a team making sense of IoT data. Reid is the author of Clojure’s test.check, a property-based testing tool, a contributing author to The Bad Data Handbook, and has previously worked at Basho and The Echo Nest.

YOW! 2015 Sydney

Production Haskell


Haskell has recently begun seeing more production use, as tooling has improved dramatically (no more Cabal hell), and the language features are particularly well-suited to the problems challenging many organizations (i.e. concurrency and multi-core scalability). In this talk, we’ll see how Helium, a startup using Haskell, builds, deploys, monitors, tests, and writes Haskell in production.