Erik Corry


Software Engineer at Google

Erik Corry is an Anglo-Danish programmer who loves to implement programming languages. He was part of the team behind V8, the JavaScript engine behind Google Chrome and node.js. More recently he has been building garbage collectors for both Blink, the C++ browser engine of Chrome and for Dart, Google’s front end language for mobile and web platforms. Erik thinks garbage collectors should suck less so programmers don’t have to worry about them.

YOW! 2016 Sydney

Building Your Own Compiler The Slightly Easier Way With LLVM


The rise of LLVM has made it possible to write a language with its own little compiler, making use of the many high-performance backends and the extensive compiler API. In this presentation we’ll show how to build a domain specific language with the performance of C++ and the eclecticism of Tolkiens lesser known Elvish dialects.

LLVM, Complier, DSL, Language, API