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Brian LeRoux
Cofounder/CTO of


Cloud functions have been taking the industry by storm. Always available, scale transparently, only pay for the compute you use (100% utilization) and deploy instantly with zero downtime. However getting started is frought with complexity and configuration. In this workshop you will quickly learn all the angles of ‘serverless’ technology using Amazon Web Services:

– Lambda
– API Gateway
– Route53
– S3
– Simple Notification Service
– DynamoDB
– CloudFront
– CloudWatch Events

JSF Architect tames AWS complexity, and gets you immediately productive deploying live to isolated staging and production environments. We will setup a CRON function that runs on an interval completely in the cloud. We’ll create a website on a brand new domain and be deploying to in seconds complete with user auth and state. We’ll create a stateless restful JSON API. We’ll close the workshop by building a completely functional bot for Slack.

Brian LeRoux

Brian LeRoux is the Cofounder/CTO of which is a new breed of app that helps teams stay organized in Slack. In the process of developing an entirely serverless cloud functions thing emerged called In a former life Brian worked at Adobe on PhoneGap and its open source upstream Apache Cordova. A longtime fan of the open web, he created and sports a questionable tattoo. Brian believes the future is mobile, seamlessly running in the cloud, on open source software and will be created by hackers like you.